My Story



namenoname is a small lifestyle boutique based in Hong Kong. With the passionate love of travelling and the art of handmade crafting, I stock small independent and meaningful brands from all over the world, along with some upcycling vintages and locally handmade accessories that I found during my travel. My aim is to share the arts and stories that I find inspiring through this platform, in the meantime, hoping to be able to give as many supports to all independent artists / brands / people as possible to pursue their dream of living. 

This business is currently online based; running from the little glass studio in my garden; with regular appearances at local artisan markets. If you'd hope to say hi to me or wish to have a real look at the products I have curated, feel free to stay tuned on my social pages or here for any upcoming market events. 



beautiful minds can conquer the cruel reality we have to face on a daily basis,  making the world a better place is not easy, but it's not impossible.
Hope you enjoy this little artistic space here and find what you love. 




Yuenkityiu Grace
Founder of namenoname