The brand celebrates femininity, imagination and sensitivity . It is made for people who see beauty in the small things of everyday life, the natural world and art.
The inspiration behind my ceramics work are the wildlife, imaginary creatures, and female artists of the 20th century who changed the world.
All of my jewellery and objects are slowly handmade with a lot of care and after my own sketches.



I am Amandine, a French designer-maker living in Madrid.

Fleur de Carotte means 'carrot flower' in French. I chose this name many years ago as I love the fragile beauty and freedom of these meadow flowers. I thought it encapsulated both my aesthetic inspired by the wildlife and quirkiness.

Fleur de Carotte started from a life event in 2013 which I first saw as awful and which happened to be one of the best blessings in disguise of my life! I unfairly lost a job I put all my heart into for a year and then decided to work for myself, do what I love the most - create and make ceramic jewellery and objects which add beauty to your everyday life - and never make a sacrifice for something which is not dear to my heart.

The brand lived its first years in Brighton, UK, and after a two year break due to life changes and time spent in South America, Fleur de Carotte evolved and started a new life in Madrid.